Anywhere Ballot Poster (Future of Voting Conference)

Anywhere Ballot: Why is this the ballot solution for the future?

The University of Baltimore project team presented this poster at the Future of Voting Systems Symposium, sponsored by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), February 26-28, 2013.

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Full text of the poster follows

Poster for the Anywhere Ballot: Why is this the ballot solution for the future?

Text of the Poster

Anywhere Ballot

Why is this the ballot solution for the future?

Responsive: single design is flexible to size 

  • Good for devices
  • Good for UOCAVA
  • Good for accessibility standards

Prevents voter errors

Using a computer system:

  • helps error management for under/over votes
  • helps with typed write-in
  • helps voters see the impact of straight party voting

Focuses on ballot marking (relies on EML)

  • Connect to any election management system
  • Output ballot in appropriate format, so it can be cast in appropriate format

Can run on COTS devices

  • More accessible (own pointer, own screen reader)
  • Software independent

It’s not “voting over the internet” 

  • Assume an appropriate ‘elections system’
  • Can produce printed ballot to cast
  • All logic is local, so if the ballot is downloaded, no trips to server

A ballot interface design brought to you by Oxide Design Co,, and the University of Baltimore with funding from ITIF through the Election Assistance Commission’s Accessible Voting Technology Initiative.

In  addition to the text, the poster shows eight screens from the ballot, displayed on a tablet computer. The screens shown are:

  • Introductory instructions on how to vote
  • ‘Vote for 1’ screen, with a candidate selected
  • Contextual information screen on U.S. Senator
  • Write-in screen
  • Multiple-selection context screen
  • Pop-up alert screen to prevent over-voting
  • Vote review screen
  • Final confirmation screen

Try the online ballot demonstration.