Election Administration Research Center

Project Sponsor: Election Administration Research Center

Problem: Voters in long-term care do not have consistent, effective procedures to assist them with registration and voting. Many of these voters have physical or cognitive disabilities and require assistance from other human beings as well as access to assistive technologies.  Individuals in institutional settings may not receive assistance  in voting because staff or family believe them unable to vote even when they are still competent. Current procedures to provide assistance are inconsistent and have prevented some residents from being able to vote.

Proposed Solution: This project will gather information about supervised voting by people in group living facilities and use this information to pilot an outreach program, already in place in Santa Cruz County for voters in residential facilities in Marin County and Monterey County. The project team will observe the pilot programs and then develop case studies based on interviews with election officials and group living facilities served by the programs.

This project team will create profiles of voting in long-term care facilities in these counties. The project team will also recommend best practices for election office outreach in residential facilities in California and other states.

Who does it help? This project will benefit the 8 million people living in group quarters and of those approximately 1.8 million people in long term care by providing recommendations for more effective voter outreach to assist them in voting. Improved procedures for providing assistance will ensure that they not only retain the right to vote but also are not taken advantage of by any individual or political organization.