Georgia Tech Research Institute

Project Sponsor: Georgia Tech Research Institute

Problem: There are many new innovations that make technology more accessible, but there has been little research into how to incorporate these innovations into voting technology. In addition, evaluation and certification procedures for voting systems have not been designed to account for these new technologies.

Proposed Solution: The purpose of the proposed project is to evaluate new innovations that will make voting technology more accessible, reduce user error, and decrease the time required to vote.

This project has three main components:

  • Work with the Los Angeles County Voting Systems Assessment Project (VSAP) to evaluate potential solutions to current accessibility and usability challenges faced by voters
  • Design an accessible hardware interface with tactile buttons to interact with an iPad-based voting system
  • Complete a gap analysis of the VVSG and VSS certification procedures in order to recommend updates to test procedures to reflect the modernization of both voting systems and the voting process

This project builds on GTRI’s past research on the technical issues associated with the universal design of voting systems. In addition, the proposed hardware interface for an iPad voting system was a finalist in the Open Innovation Challenge.

Who does it help?  This project will provide research that will help develop and certify new voting systems for voters with many different disabilities, including hidden disabilities that may not be well addressed in current voting systems, such as arthritis and dyslexia.