Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access

Project Sponsor: Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access

Problem: Many individuals with visual, cognitive and dexterity limitations require assistance to vote on current voting systems, if they can vote on them at all.

Proposed Solution: This project will develop a working prototype of an accessible ballot interface. This prototype will re-conceptualize the ballot design using a linear structure to provide the same simple and intuitive voting experience for all voters, regardless of ability or the input and output (I/O) device used. The prototype will include visual, physical, auditory, and gestural inputs as well as visual and audio outputs.

After developing and evaluating a working prototype on an iPad, the design team will work with Democracy Live to adapt its LiveBallot technology to incorporate this new concept and evaluate the effectiveness of the adapted LiveBallot in a live voting environment.  Longer term, the design concepts will be incorporated into the Democracy Live LiveBallot system to ensure that project results will be deployed and have an impact on the voting experiences of people with disabilities.

This project continues work begun in the first year of the ITIF Accessible Voting Technology Initiative (AVTI), including a graduate course on universal design in voting systems, participation in the AVTI workshops, and the Open Innovation Challenge.

Who does it help? This project will benefit many of the 33 million adults with a disability, including 6 million with vision disabilities, over 11 million with cognitive disabilities, and 19 million with mobility disabilities.