Assistive Technology Partners

Project Sponsor: Assistive Technology Partners

Problem: People living in group residential facilities, especially people with cognitive disabilities face obstacles to voting including physical, cultural, economic, educational and political barriers.

Proposed Solution: There is an existing legal requirement in Colorado that county election administrators send bipartisan teams of election judges into group residential facilities to assist elderly and voters with disabilities to cast their ballots in an independent manner. The City and County of Denver received a small grant through the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to carry out a pilot project during the November, 2012 election that will allow residents in group residential facilities to use iPads as a tool to mark their ballots without having to travel to their voting precinct.

This project will evaluate the usability and accessibility of tablet technology used in an innovative manner to facilitate voting for 30 adults with cognitive disabilities and seniors with disabilities living in group residential facilities in the City and County of Denver.

Who does it help? This project will provide research to better understand the needs of people living in residential facilities and help election officials create programs to allow them to vote independently and privately.