Project Sponsor: Apps4Android, Inc.

Problem: This project will address two problems. First, although there is a lot of election information available online, much of it is not formatted for non-visual access and use on mobile devices, making it hard for people with visual disabilities to find critical election information. Second, people with disabilities may face barriers to working as poll workers since poll worker training materials are not always accessible.

Proposed Solution:  This project will develop two solutions. First, we will develop a voter information guide mobile app that will enable voters, including voters with print disabilities, to independently read about their rights, the candidates, the issues, and how and where to vote. This app will use information provided by the Google Election Center. Second, we will create a mobile app to provide online training to enable people with print disabilities to learn everything necessary to serve as poll workers. This app will use content from the Ohio Precinct Election Official Training manual.

These applications will be developed for both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The applications will use standard, accessible publishing platforms (e.g., HTML5, IDPF and ePUB3) and will allow access without the need for specialized assistive technology.

Who does it help? This project will make it easier for individuals with disabilities, users with low literacy rates, minority groups, young adults voting for the first time, and other marginalized citizens to access election information and train as poll workers. This includes 24.5 million Americans with print disabilities that preclude them from being able to read online voter information independently: 8.6 million people with a visual impairment and 15.9 million people with a learning or cognitive disability.