Workshop 2 (February)

The second Accessible Elections Design Workshop was held on February 22-23 in Atlanta, Georgia. The workshop was structured as a design studio, with a series of group activities that moved from defining the barriers, to sketching ideas for how to overcome them, and then refining those concepts.

The 32 workshop participants, which included election officials, designers, and accessibility advocates, formed teams to imagine new solutions to make the voting process more accessible to every citizen. Each team was assisted by industrial design students who sketched the team’s ideas and created posters to present the design concepts to the rest of the workshop participants.

There are photographs of the workshop on Flickr.

Design Concept Posters

The teams worked on several different concepts, creating rough sketches and then refining them into posters to present them to the whole group.


Marking  the Ballot 
This concept focused on separating the front-end display from the back-end source for the ballot and the casting system, so it could be made available in many different formats.


Rich Ballot Experience concept poster


Rich Ballot Experience
For remote voting, the focus is on being able to vote any time, anywhere,  anyway by anyone. Voting starts by downloading a ballot rich with helpful support marking, reviewing, verifying, and printing the ballot.


Voter Assistants poster


Voter Assistants
A rich support system created by extending current use of social networking with certified volunteer election help providers.


Personal Voting Guidance System  poster


Personal Voting Guidance System
A personalized experience that promotes effective voter participation from the start of the campaign to casting a vote. It starts any time a voter is motivated to participate/


Adaptive voting toolkit poster


Adaptive Voting Toolkit
Enhancing community voting participation and knowledge through education and training starting in grammar school.



Universal Polling Place poster


The Universal Polling Place
A pilot project to develop and test a polling place for a universal voting experience, while keeping it convenient and cost effective.




Workshop Materials