Pre-Workshop Reading

Preliminary Reports from AVTI Partners

These short reports are a summary of some of the work the research teams are focusing on in building a strong picture of the current landscape for participation in elections by people with disabilities.

Participation in Elections by People with Disabilities: A Statistical Snapshot
Thad E. Hall, University of Utah and R. Michael Alvarez, Caltech

Accessible Voting Technologies: Review of Voting Systems in Use
Deborah Cook and Mark Harniss, University of Washington

Disability Assistive Technology Applications for the Voting Process
Greg McGrew, Assistive Technology Partners, University of Colorado

Persona Sketches of Voters with Disabilities
CATEA, Georgia Tech

Accessible Elections Technology Resources

We have assembled some background reading that you may find helpful in preparing for the workshop. These links are all basic information you can use as an introduction to any of the topic areas you may be less familiar with.