Concept: National Standardized Framework

Pre-Election Information

Your registration, locations of polling places, sample ballots and information in a consistent format, no matter where you vote.

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Concept 1 (January) A National Standardized Framework

Presentation poster for the concept for a National Standardized Framework


About this concept

The text that follows describes the concept presentation poster.


  • Have an automatic, first time use feedback mechanism for future improvement.
  • Leverage data to find the ideal voting environment, best practices, and a general universal design for voting information.
  • Increase predictability.
  • Lower effort for both voters and officials.
  • High-tech and low-tech solutions.
  • Have a unified core content source.



  • Sample ballots
  • Polling locations and available remote alternatives
  • Information for disability / language identification
  • Easy access to answers for: where am I registered, where do I register, and how do I register?
  • Aimed at voters, officials, vendors, interest groups, and campaigns
  • Multi-channel: web, phone, app, mail, and physical print options



  • Information as a product (portal)
  • Increase remote options for all
  • Be wary of multi-channel fragmentation
  • Use plain language
  • Implementation starts with a national foundation, is implemented at the state and county levels, and is promoted at the voter and campaign level.


What’s wrong with the status quo?

  • Complexity
  • Fragmentation
  • Timing of information
  • Displaying info without being partisan
  • Physical accessibility
  • Voting location information


Initial ideas and thoughts

  • Vote by phone
  • Proactive or automatic voter reigstration
  • Simplified location scouting
  • Pre-info digital templates
  • National standards
  • More voting customizability
  • More or less copyright
  • Community-driven information database
  • Central website portal
  • Better feedback and data on usability
  • Campaign ads with auto-captioning
  • More remote options
  • Other days in the week to vote
  • Display information in polling places
  • Audio guides similar to museums
  • Dual low and high tech is a must
  • Must consider multiple outputs

This concept was created at the Accessible Elections Design Workshop in January, 2012