Concept: Remote Voting/Express Voting

For Remote Voting

Remote voting: voter profile

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Concept 3 (January) Express Voting

Presentation poster for the concept for Remote Voting/Voter Profiles


About this concept

The text that follows describes the concept presentation poster

Description: Remote voting process

The poster has a diagram showing the steps of the process as envisioned in this concept:

  1. Profile created
  2. User needs are self reported on user profile
  3. The profile information is stored in a voter database in the cloud
  4. Election officials can access info about various voter needs
  5. From the information, officials can accommodate users based on their needs. (Examples include by mail, person to help, speak to vote, large print ballots, by phone, by web, tablet)


Description: Express voting

This section of the poster shows a profile form with one page showing as an example. It says:

What types of ballot would you like to receive?
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Audio
  • HTML link
  • Different language
  • Personal Assistant

Description: Creating profile

Voters can create their profile: online, by phone, through the mail, in person

  • Each voter creates an individual profile
  • Can list voting preferences and keep updated special needs for voting
  • From the profile, voting officials can deliver type of ballot the user needs based on what they self-identified

Principles of Universal Design

1: Equitable Use: The central purpose of the database is to ensure equitable access to election processes for all.

2: Flexibility in Use: Product allows potential users widest possible flexibility in accessing election processes.

3: Simple and Intuitive Use: There is a real risk of making the process to complex. Design streamlining and incremental ability to input levels of data will be required (e.g. provide a progress bar).

4: Perceptible Information: Multimodal interaction is implemented by information input in person, by phone, and web.

5: Tolerance for Error: Mechanism for profile update is fully accessible and verifiable

6: Low Physical Effort

7: Size & Space for Approach and Use

Other: Facilitate large number of voter participation

This concept was created at the Accessible Elections Design Workshop in January, 2012