What’s your concept for accessible elections?

The OpenIDEO innovation challenge moves into the next phase today: proposing new concepts to make elections more accessible. To read the concepts already online or add your own, start here:


Over the past few weeks, the community posted 434 inspirations.  The inspirations and the discussions about them are all still online, so you can use them as the spark for your own idea. There are five themes – broad areas for the concepts:

  • Design for flexibility
  • Educate everyone
  • Improve the experience
  • Rethink where we vote
  • Support independence

The concepting phase will last two weeks, until March 6th. If you want some help getting started, there are two great resources online:


Concepting tips

These tips remind us to consider how the tools, resources and educational materials we create can equip all voters with the support they need to participate in elections without reliance on others. They key words to remember are: private and independent.

Read the Voting challenge concepting tips

Brainstorm in a box

One way to come up with a concept is a brainstorming session. Get together with your friends, colleagues, or class and work together. Creative thinking in a group helps people design better, together.

If you’ve never run a design brainstorming session, or if you are looking for good topics to help get your group started, the Brainstorm in a Box kit gives you all the tools you need:

  • An overall agenda for the workshop
  • Warm-up exercises to get everyone thinking about accessible elections
  • Topics for the brainstorming
  • Blank forms to use to capture your concepts

Download the Brainstorm in a Box (pdf)

Contribute your concepts

We’re looking forward to seeing many different ideas for how we might make elections more accessible. Our goal goes beyond this challenge: we hope these ideas will inspire election officials and voting system designers around the country.

Add your concept


Remember that you have to create an account to add an inspiration, contribute to a  discussion, or join in the applause in two weeks. You can also connect using your Facebook account.

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